Nos 48-65: Chicago!

#48. Visit Chicago #s 49-58 . Visit Various Chicago Sites While in Chicago, I visited Millenium Park and the Cloud Gate it houses; the Museum of Contemporary Art; Wrigley Field; the Lincoln Park Zoo; Chess Records (now home of Willie Dixon's Blues Foundation); Navy Pier; the old Water Tower; Lincoln Park; and heard some Chicago blues at Buddy Guy's Legends.

59. Try Chicago Style Pizza I'd heard the legends of Chicago pizza, but never had it. In my quest to find the best place to try it, I learned that two chains claim to be the inventors of the style. Pizzeria Uno is officially credited, but Lou Malnatti's was started by the guy who claims to have been the first to sell it. But I also read that Uno always has an insane wait, so I went with LM's.

Chicago pizza is tasty. But it's not really pizza per se. It's all backwards, with the cheese on the bottom and the sauce on the top. I did enjoy it, though.

60. Try Italian Beef Another Chicago staple. This was disappointing. An Italian beef is, basically, a French dip sandwich with peppers on it. It did nothing for me.

61. Have a Chicago-style hot dog in Chicago

62. Visit a Great Lake Navy Pier juts out into Lake Michigan. I could not believe how big it was; every lake I've ever seen/been on, in Florida and Georgia, you could see each shore from the other.

63. Eat Street Meat The place I was staying in Chicago was in a very, very Hispanic area. On the weekend, people were out on the sidewalk, grilling meat and onions and selling tacos. They were delicious.

64. Go to C2E2 C2E2 is the 4th comic convention in my collection, and my 2nd favorite of those. (Heroes Con, in Charlotte, remains number 1.) The floor layout was kind of...odd, with huge empty spaces in places and almost no room to move in others; there's nothing really newsworthy getting announced, so the panels from the big names are mostly pointless. But there are loads of cool creators there, and loads of nerd shopping. It's fun, and preferable, in my opinion at least, to the way more populous New York Con, or the wildly over-crowded DragonCon. Plus, I got to meet a load of internet friends/acquaintances.

65. Cosplay at a Comic Con On Saturday of the con, I dressed up as Red Hood. It was a lot of fun. Like Halloween, but instead of getting free candy, people takes pictures of/with you.