72 & 73: Build a Drafting Table & Lightbox

This was the project that the most pre-planning went into, because I couldn't figure out, for the longest time, how to make a drafting table that also looked like a proper desk without it having super-complicated guts. Then I stumbled upon some pictures of antique drafting tables, and a brain child was born. In addition to being a drafting table, it's also a desk-sized lightbox, which I'm fairly confident was not a possibility for the 19th century Frenchman who built the table that inspired the design.

It's approx. 44x26x40", and made of mahogany (legs & top), poplar (top), oak (pegs), and pine (lightbox, roll guard), with a glass work surface. It has a faux-antique finish, created with different shades of wood stain, sanding, ink splatter, and amber shellac.

I'm pretty proud of it. And I wrote an Instructable (also a 1st!) on how to build your own, if you're into that kind of thing.